Me, No Sugar

Hashtag!!!!! 2 weeks done, and as I coast into week 3 of this mammoth challenge i can honestly say it is actually not too bad. yes, i’ve had days when i could have eaten an entire bag of jellies or my favorite apple slices…but i’ve not given in to temptation….yet! lol. Colin is super proud of me too {he secretly didn’t think i would get past day 2}. years of ‘going-on’ at me to sort my s**t out have finally paid off. it is mind over matter, and this time i really wanted to do it – plus, if the truth be told, i kinda made a public announcement about it so backing out or failing were not options on my list.

image creds: shanghaieye on Flickr,

coffee without sugar is now bearable! even i’m surprised – it was the one thing i DIDN’T think i’d be able to do. and now i can actually taste the brew. i’ve not had any ginger tea though, as minus honey is a step too far. so instead i have swapped this particular craving for iced agua com gas. i am full of surprises.

image cred: millersphotography

until next time


Sweets for my Sweet

day 2 and i’m already finding the challenge tough. it is usually around this time that i would be having some chocolate or a cookie with my tea, which, i’d be drinking with honey…it’s that moment when the harsh realization that i do indeed consume WAAAAYYYYY too much sweet-stuff comes to light…..only 29 more days to go…..

i will do this