It’s Jiu-Jitsu!

jeepers! it has been ages since my last blog post – i didn’t realize it had been soooo long. i’ve had an apartment move out (then back in), and i’m still in the middle of tidying stuff away/down-sizing etc etc.

i’ve abandoned the idea of the triathlon (although my fitness and stamina on the bike has improved 10-fold, i am, as the old bike pros say, motorin’!). however, i have swapped one sport or type of training for another, and my ‘other’ is Brazilian Jiujitsu with and w/out the gi.




so, that is 3 additional classes, plus the cycling, and some {functional} strength and conditioning training. i’m learning a skill {on the ground}, and getting some great cardio in at the same time. now i know why the boys would leave the class sweating – it was never an attractive option for me, i’d always dismissed the sport/art, but you know what……with everything…you gotta give it a go…then decide that you don’t like it!

Welcome back to my ever changing world of fitness

See you on the mats

Candy xo

Keep Calm, And Disco On……

i know that ‘sugar-free’ July is well n truly over, but the photos from our New Zealand pals on how they celebrated the end of that particular challenge NEVER fail to amuse (and indeed, inspire).

how’s that for a Papanui WOD shuffle – see, CrossFit can be fun!

until next time,


The Road to The 5K

a brief discussion over a sushi dinner last night, and the next ‘cut-the-gloss’ challenge has been ‘cooked’ up: prep for the 5k run will start as of Monday. it’ll be a mix of training sessions – resistance training, flexibility, boxing, muay Thai, skipping…..s’how i roll baby……

we’ll do a promo vid to kick it all off……i gotta drop some muscle weight and body fat and change from a sprinter physique to a leaner longer distance runner….now THIS is a challenge. and if i can do the sugar……epahhhhhh…..i can do ANYTHING!!!!


image creds: greta123 (on tumblr), pinterest, skinnylonglegs (on tumblr)

until next time


Girl Interrupted

due to unforeseen circumstances the how-to exercise demos have to be postponed for a bit. but good news, #sugarfree july ended on a high note. i made up for lost time by having a bit of a sugar overload…a sachet with coffee (americano), some chocolate….and d’you know what, i am slightly underwhelmed. it just didn’t taste as good as i last remembered. so i can safely say, that i shall be staying off – or at the very least cutting down on the amount of sugar that i consume. it is amazing what the taste buds get used to; i feel mine have been de-toxed, and they feel the better for it. and murphy’s law: now that i can eat what i want, i don’t really want to. mind over matter.

image cred: yimmyayo blog

i urge anyone who has an addiction to sugar to give this challenge a go. it is not going to be easy – the first few days anyway, especially if like me you are going cold turkey straight away. and if i can do it……ANYONE can!