Triathlon Week

as suspected and much to my disappointment, i have been banished to the sidelines for the triathlon this week. my breathing still isn’t up to scratch, and the thoughts of being ushered into the first aid tent at the first ‘hurdle’ is an embarrassment that i cannot bear. but, without me the race and event will go on. i shall be cheering as loud as my lungs will allow, and taking photos of the day and all it’s festivities.

training for me will take on another form – one that i can do blind-folded {well, not literally of course}, but one that, despite my poor respiratory function, i can do no problem.

back into the gym for me, and a break from cycling for the next 2 weeks…..all i need now is a training partner…..


image credit: photos sourced from WeHeartIt, collage by Instamag


Shinobi News {in brief}

hey hey! i flung myself into the kitchen again yesterday, having trawled the supermarket aisles for almond flour and the like last week. i had to substitute the almond with oats flour, cinnamon instead of nutmeg, and regular honey (?) instead of raw honey. a quick flick through this months Vogue magazine while i waited for my masterpiece to cook: ginger & cocoa Paleo brownies, and voila! my #flapjackthursday {aka brownies} is ready for the Shinobi Academy’s ┬ápost-boxing class! The recipe is courtesy of The Paleo Plan recipe page, and is packed full of breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack and sides ideas.

FlapjackThursday goes Paleo for Easter

and in other news: i’m currently involved in a little hash-tag campaign to get our mma pro-fighter pal Gunnar Nelson (aka Gunni) onto the UFC fight card in our home town of Dublin this Summer. check out the Shinobi Academy Facebook page and @shinobiacademy Twitter for further news. we are a passionate bunch (Gunni fights out of SBG in Ireland as well as his own dojo Mjolnir MMA Iceland) and we have adopted him into our familia Irelanda!

The Iceman Cometh

TWITTER Timeline

FACEBOOK Timeline c/o Shinobi Academy

The social media attack has begun!

Flapjack Thursday Eve

It’s nearly that time again, when I get myself back into the kitchen to make this weeks flapjacks. I’m going to add dried apricots as a topping this time, and some almond sprinkles. The trial run I did earlier this week worked out really well, so the Shinobi-gang will be in for a treat tomorrow.


And, also on the tip of my tongue…..I discovered a new website: the paleo plan┬áthat is packed FULL of fabulous recipes, including muffins, brownies……I know right!!!! And, as they say: with a little bit of forward planning, going Paleo does not have to be a bore or a drag.

Getting hold of some of the ingredients can be a problem in my part of the world, but as himself says….”we won’t get caught up in the small stuff” The important thing is cutting out sugar, wheat & diary…the first one for me has been really difficult, but I’m getting there.

We’ll be posting up some foodie shots from time to time. Keep checking back with me here, and on the Shinobi & Chic Athletique Facebook pages. The only thing missing…..smell and taste-o-vision!

Until next time,


Sporty Spice

you are going to find this next statement a little odd, considering how much i love keeping fit – but, here goes…..this 3rd day in a row of cycling has absolutely wiped me out, along with a super hectic week in the land of social media. despite this though, i am going to try n get a little spin in on the treadmill in the morning before ‘work’.

highlights from my week

a successful #flapjackthursday at the shinobi academy, next week: dried apricots

swapping the spray deodorant for a roll-on {let’s see if this makes a difference to my breathing}

this particular fragrance smells divine!

boa fim-de-semana