My Sneakers Are Moving….



hey loves,

i had planned to update last week, but urgh… is getting in the way of what i love to do….no, not shop, although, you’re not wrong…lol.

with little time to write, i have decided to move this blog over to my other glam space – where i chitter chatter about fitness n foodie bits from time to time anyway…, without further ado…come on over and join me over there.

and you know where to find me on social

@stylealgarve & @blingblingsugar on Twitter

@upperchicside on Snapchat

@glamfabnpretty on Pinterest

@candy273 on IG, and you know…..there’s the Facebook pages too – I’ll be merging the fitness one with The Blonde & The Short of It too, so less online space, but still lots of activity……

See you on the flip side!!!