Roll Up


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i’ve never been a big fan of stretching, and i’ve been doing it for the sake of doing it to be honest. for me, it’s gotta be THE most boring part of any exercise routine. but look-y here what i have…… {ignore the non-slip yoga mat for a second}…feast your eyes on my new roller.

and take it from me, this sure beats stretching. i had my first how-to yesterday……n jeepers it was sore……..memo to self: quads & abductors will be needing the most work. you start at the calves and work your way up, turn yourself over n work the quads…..full tutorial will be up on the blog later in the week, n sure, what the heck….i guess i’ll be video blogging it for the You Tube channel there-after….

and the long-term plan? to be supple n svelte by the Summer

to be continued



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