it’s all for Vegas



i know, i know…it has been tooooo long since i last blogged atcha. to cut that long story short…i had: a trip to london, a training camp (mixed martial arts) to event manage {almost as soon as i landed back in the algarve}. THEN, a vlog co-lab with my fellow shinobi vlog-ger…daily during the camp…you can see all those crazy antics on the shinobi vlog channel…brace’s an education in utter madness!lol! and you get to see us doing the hustle..nothing at all to do with fitness in any manner of speaking.

a birthday cropped up…mine, pre-ceded by a trip to the nail salon, and guess what….we’re back on the no-sugar, no processed food eating plan in the run up to our pal Conor McGregor’s title fight in Vegas in July, followed by Paul Redmond who competes the week after…..closer to home. If they can do it – so can we. the stakes are a tad higher for them though. but as Conor rightly said, when one of us goes to war, we all go to war.

some of the training campers in action….check out the shinobi vlog for the antics of all 27 of them….

looks like i’ll be needing a little ‘fat burning’ helping hand

i’ll be video blogging the above recipe from Onnit as soon as i organize myself to get all the ingredients

until next time



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