missing you


apologies all. the summer goings-on have replaced my blogging agendas, and i have neglected this platform….but, i have not been putting my feet up supping sangria {chance would have been a fine thing}. no, the summer struggle is real, and a balancing act.

i am however on Snapchat, IG, Twitter and occasionally Facebook. we’ve launched a new digital media company and we are in business development mode. do i need a clone? yes. heck, i haven’t even gotten any quality training in…..you get the picture.

so, never fear, i’m still out there, doing my thang….you know where to find me:

  • blingblingsugar, stylealgarve & squarevmedia on Twitter,
  • candy273 & squarev.media on IG, and
  • upperchicside on Snapchat

until next time,

Candy xo


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